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Private Lessons for Children

There are so many activities for children to be involved in today
although learning to swim is a necessity - a lifesaving skill

Triathlon Swimmers - Intensive Training

We teach a specific technique which will enhance your swimming endurance and breathing capacity

Woman’s Fitness Swimming

Individual training with an experienced swimming coaching
will improvise and make your swimming much more effective

Swimming coach

Mozza Yamaguchi, a certified lifeguard and swimming teacher has over 15 years of experience. He was a former swimming coach for Tokyo American Club and a British School in Tokyo.

During his teaching experience Mozza has developed a unique and very effective teaching method based on understanding, that familiarises students with water safety which is done with a cheerful attitude and lots of patients.

It is extremely important how swimming is taught. If swimming is not taught correctly children can develop a phobia. Each student has different fears and needs. During our lessons, teachers will focus on each client's capabilities and abilities so we can identify and develop individual skills. This is one of the reasons why we teach in smaller groups of students. Mozza found that private lessons are most effective for younger children, as this will help identify the smaller things which will improve their technical skills and becoming a great swimmer.

Private lessons for children

Private lessons for children

Studies show swimming is a very effective activity which can benefit children’s education and carry health benefits:

  • Physically
    Water acts as resistance to help build muscle strength - consequently, children grow significantly stronger and more co-ordinated,

  • Mentally
    Children participating in swimming programs, also score higher for intelligence and problem-solving, it is carried over into excellence and alertness in school,

  • Emotionally
    Children who swim year-round are found to be more self-disciplined, and more motivated and self-confident to succeed.

Triathlon swimmers - intensive training

Swimming is one of the most difficult legs of a triathlon, especially for beginners. Over 20 years of teaching swimming, I have developed a technique which will enhance your swimming endurance and breathing capacity. This method of swimming training caters to triathlete’s who want to take their triathlon swimming to the next level.

Woman`s fitness swimming

Woman`s fitness swimming

The body-shaping benefits of swimming are the result of a perfect storm of calorie burn and muscle recruitment. An easy swim burns around 500 calories an hour, while a vigorous effort can torch almost 700.


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